Testimonial: Clinicloth in Northern Ireland

Quilly Farm, Dromore, Co.Down, 350 cows.

“Since using the Clinicloth system we have saved 30 minutes on every milking.  The disinfected cloths have worked exceptionally well alongside Agroserve Silkidip post spray with a 15% reduction in mastitis, a reduced cell count and very clean cows.”

Bellemont Holsteins, Portstewart, Co. Londonderry, 300 cows.

Norman says “The biggest benefits I’ve found since using the Clinicloth system is the time saved during milking. We’ve also noticed better milk let down because of the texture and material of the cloths.”

Image of Clinicloth from Agroserve

Donmac Farm, Cookstown, 600cows.

“Pre-foaming and wiping was expensive, very time consuming and had a lot of waste paper towels that were difficult to dispose of. I started using Clinicloth 18 months ago and the results are excellent.  They have reduced our milking time and labour and are ideal when using in a rotary parlour.”

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