Clinidip L Concentrate

Concentrated Iodophor teat dip and spray

  • 5000ppm iodine in use
  • Glycerine/lanolin emollient complex
  • Authorised veterinary medicine, marketing authorisation Vm 01808/4010
  • For dairy cows, goats and sheep

Icon indicating that product should be diluted at a rate of 3 parts water to 1 part product before useIcon indicating that the product is suitable for use post-milkingIcon indicating that product is suitable for use in a teat sprayerIcon indicating that product is suitable for use in a dip cupIcon indicating that product is available in 25L and 200L drum sizesIcon indicating that product is licensed under the UK Veterinary Medicines Directive

Udder hygiene – Post milking

  • Clinidip L Concentrate
  • Clinidip SuperConcentrate
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  • Ioklene Concentrate
  • Ioklene RTU
  • Kote-it
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