Udder Hygiene: Post-Milking

For post-milking Agroserve offers barrier dips, standard teat dips and teat sprays based on iodine, chlorhexidine gluconate and lactic acid to suit any herd and farm.

Post-milking routine: the theory

Teat disinfection is a widely accepted practice known to help prevent new intra-mammary infections in dairy cows. The 5 point mastitis control plan in the UK in the 1960s saw post-milking teat disinfection become one of the most important management tools to help reduce the new infection rate of contagious pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus dysgalactiae.

Only products known to be safe and effective should be used. These will always be registered with the relevant authority as a licensed Veterinary Medicine or approved Biocide.

A wide range of biocides is formulated into teat dip products including iodine, chlorhexidine, lactic acids, and others that destroy bacteria by chemical or biological action and disruption of the cell membranes.

Image of teats being post-dipped with an iodine-based teat dip

Post-milking dipping using an iodine-based dip helps to prevent organisms from entering the teat canal when it is vulnerable after milking

Iodine is very popular and is often referred to as ‘the gold standard’. It is compatible with a wide range of emollients, and it is naturally staining for high visibility on teat skin. All iodophors release small amounts of free iodine, typically 50 ppm. The more loosely bound the complex, the more free iodine is released to kill bacteria.

Chlorhexidine-Digluconate (CDG) is the second most popular teat disinfectant and widely used in teat disinfectants since 1970. It has a mild pH of 6.5 and works by penetrating the cell wall and disrupting the metabolic process in the bacteria. It adheres well to teat skin and is also compatible with a wide range of emollients and fly repellents. It is not as effective against gram negative bacteria, pseudomonas or spores as iodine and as it cannot be mixed with anionic surfactants it is more difficult to produce barrier type products.

A recent addition to the range are the dips based on lactic acid. Trials have shown that the enhanced lactic acid that is used in these products has an efficacy that is at least as good as our premium dips based on iodine or chlorhexidine.

Please look carefully through our products and if you have any further questions simply complete the enquiry form giving your question(s).

Agroserve dealers and field staff can provide on-farm advice to help you to identify the most efficient and cost-effective teat care products for your farm conditions.

The Agroserve range of udder hygiene products to use post-milking:
  • Clinidip L Concentrate
  • Clinidip SuperConcentrate
  • Hexaklene R
  • Ioklene Concentrate
  • Ioklene RTU
  • Kote-it
  • Lactodip
  • Lactospray
  • Silkidip
  • Suredip
  • Suredip Concentrate
  • Surespray

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For help and advice on the correct selection and use of Agroserve products on your farm please contact your local Agroserve dealer or request a visit from your local Area Hygiene Specialist.